Saturday, 7 July 2012


Yes it is true! The bold declaration, strangely enough mostly in capital letters, on any label of Champagne as we know it can only be applied to the fizzy stuff.

But! There is not just the fizzy stuff made in our favourite patch of the wine world.

Years have I been looking, albeit not actively, for the red wine made in Champagne called, and as such, having its own appelation, Coteaux Champenois.

I found couple of producers from Champagne making wines under the aforementioned appelation and naturally with a bottle of Champagne in one hand I reached out for the more expensive one of the two that were in the shop.

I opened in a few minutes ago and my first reaction was 'Corked'! Bugger! The corked smelled as though it was but the wine did not taste very much like a corked one as the over powering smell of griotte liquor came through like a slap! I recalled pickled cherries in rum and dark chocolate which is a box of chocolate of very distinctive flavour and aroma. But the wine gives the impression that it has too much alcohol in it, which of course it does not as it is half a per cent below classic Champagne.

The wine is from Ay. Home to the likes of Gosset, Ayala, Bollinger and it is classified as Grand Cru.

The body is pronounced and the aromas big it does not lack softness. My first conclusion is that perhaps it is not the ultimate favourite and I would prefer the classic Ay Champagnes however, I can really see how some  people can find this tipple immensely appealing! Cheers Jazz! :)

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