Saturday, 20 September 2014


I have not forgotten! But, still, I will keep it as a secret. Nobody will read what I drank on last ICD! Not even a week ago, a critical thought devoured my conscience. I realised, that I have been writing about the usual Champagne which judging by my last review is now almost unreasonably expensive. However, that alone was not a deterrent. One day I stood infront of a shelf staring at all the producers of distinction and I could not really commit to buying any of them. I looked two shelves further and discovered that one was half price. £13.49! Yes! easy decision and a good choice. This is an uncomplicated light drinking Champagne. I did not really think about reviewing it, but I definitely enjoyed drinking it. With that in mind I looked elsewhere for even a better tipple but £2.51 more expensive! Enjoy. Btw, you can buy A. Carpentier in Tesco.