Sunday, 2 April 2017


I cringe at the idea of Brexit. But politics aside there might be a silver lining for us who love our golden hued tipple.

As I have written before, the last economic farce that had half the world freaking about the word crisis, had a positive impact on Champagne. What did I do? I drank more Champagne. Yes, we have been enjoying the fruits of exceptional stock management in Champagne to present day and we will continue to do so for the next few years.

Fact is that in the next few years some of us will not be happy. I shan't be! Especially due to the fact that my favourite tipple will start increasing in price. Marginally, but still.

And just like ten years ago, the consumption of Champagne in the UK will recede and to add, the prices will go up because there will be hired tariffs put on imported goods.

And for the Champagne houses the change will be short lived just like all other crises and changes that Champagne has had to weather in the past two centuries.

And what will I do?

Well, I had more than enough of Champagne last year and I have not had anything this year yet, though there have been cravings (I admit, but I made the most out it). So this temporary resting period will come to an end. When I don't know.

Think, drink and believe Champagne!