Thursday, 11 April 2013


Sniff sniff and I found this gem again. 3 years later after my first tasting of the same wine it was with enthusiasm I wanted to taste the difference of those years; and in a magnum!

The first magnum I had, turned out to have a story of its own as en route to a friend's house I was assailed by six hooded youths who wanted to steal my phone and when asked to hand it over I refused. Of course I refused I was in the middle of a conversation trying find a way to my friends house! Seconds later, which seemed like minutes, one of them grabbed my arm and insisted I gave him my phone. I pulled my arm away and started to run. Fortunately I outrun them but I managed to trip and splashed on the middle of the road with my precious cargo bouncing off the road at least twice. 'Oh F..., I hope it won't break' was my immediate concern and fortunately it did not. I collected myself then the magnum and fret. My life and the life in the magnum rescued with 4 sexy scratches on the glass and an unsexy tear in my new jeans.

Sniff sniff but now a week later after tasting the second magnum, but from my bed with a pretty nasty cold unable to taste anything, with lips the size that could compete with Naomi Campbell I am left with memories to recount the second encounter with this life in a magnum.

So the first magnum March 2010 had a very fine mousse which understandably was a result of the age. The nose was strongly toned of an overbaked almost charred baguette. I did hope for very well baked 'apple strudel' but I got something else instead. Nevertheless, I was very impressed with the wine. The mousse was delicate reminiscent of La Grande Dame but will less intensity of flavours of red apples that is signature of Veuve. Unlike the 89 (naturally) this wine had such great acids!

March 2013, my expectations were based on the 2010 tasting and who new I was in for a surprise. Bang, the mousse was big as if the wine had not even in the bottle for over 10 years! What happened to the charred baguette? Fruit fruit fruit, life with great vigour, zesty acids and no sign of aging! Minerality on the nose with occassional of hints of bread. WOW!

Is 95 a year full of surprises? Strangely, I think it might be as Bollinger release R.D. 1995 again. Well, I best get paid to drink it. :)

Although, Veuve 95 drank in 2013 was not an overwhelming wine in itself, what was fascinating was the variation from 2010. Veuve vintages are fortunately slightly underpriced but they often deliver beyond expectations. So, as I have said before on a few occassions watch out for these!