Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The past two months have been a hell!

Work was a nightmare! Entertaining delegations from all over the place, visiting friends in other places, recruitment of new staff, finalising plans to relocate and a lot more have taken a minor toll.

 Fortunately, the sun started to rise earlier, which in turn had somewhat beneficial result on my life, however, since I have a very photo-sensitive sleep unless we quickly come to summer solstice, I will be up so early that I'll probably beat an elderly person who needs, for the sake of the argument, only about 4 hours of sleep. No disrespect to the elderly, but to convey my point the dreaded thought and its acceptance, that of becoming older, is increasingly validated by a variety of means. The intensity of solar radiation in the morning may be one but there has been another which is even more disturbing; AB FLAB!

Understandably, once the stress levels increase, and mine increased to such an extent that I got my rash back, the appetite diminished not just for food but for fizz as well (not to mention.....). I have been so tired and looking it too that when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I had fallen of the shovel of an undertaker.

But one Sunday afternoon I was redeemed (only for that afternoon, the whirl resumed on Monday morning) by Fortnum and Mason's special deal on Billecart et Salmon cuvees. The rose was a briliant bargain so one bottle landed in the basket without hesitation. However since it was only about 3pm I thought: 'I can't just sit on one bottle!' thus, I purchased a long awaited Blanc De Blancs. And what a drop that turned out to be!

Pure citrus fruit, dash of white flowers, balance of taste and perfect bubbles! AB FAB!

even the AB FLAB could be tolerated!