Thursday, 19 August 2010


So here we go. 

The 7th ICD is over. As much as I thought it would rather be a somber event Pol Roger 1999 in Magnum could hardly be regarded as such. Fortunately, I had help from friends. This year was the first time I actually spent ICD with someone. All previous years were exclusively in the company of the bottle and since 'there is always a first' (in any respect) I thought: 'Well why not'; an unusual reason to break a habit of 7 years. Nevertheless what a blast!

The wine was quite impressive but so are most Pol Roger vintages (save the 1995 which was just 'fine'). First I tasted the 99 in a single bottle which my friend gave me few months ago and the first prominent notes were smoky and delicate. Somewhat mushroomy on the nose after the initial smokyness drifted subsequently tailed with hints of honey and slightly earth-like aroma. In the magnum this was not so pronounced or easily discernible and but both, the bottle and the magnum, had a classic Pinot Noir based drive and delicate acidity. 

Pol Roger does not have a very distinctive character (such as, Bollinger or Gosset )on the palette but what I noticed it is very well balanced and very refined with ordinary vintages topping even Krug Grand Cuvee. The word 'fine' describes it the best.

Recommendations: just drink it. 
Will I buy it again? yes, and probably very soon. May my pay day come!