Sunday, 28 June 2015


I could not overlook the pink change of the recent days. I do not wish to address the worldwide craze of the pride, but profoundly more social, cultural change that is the result of unprecedented international and cross cultural change that homosexuals have finally succeeded in. I will also address a long lasting affair with the two that were still left. I am not a child of revolution but a child of conforming. But in my life I have experienced, first hand, several revolution; sociocultural and at first political. Naturally, I cannot discount my own revolutions and revolts against all odds. The notions, which is far from quantifiable, is also the driving force of those who have contributed to the pink change even in the most negligible way. Without reducing the weight of it, an argument with parents, has contributed what we have noticed in the past 6 weeks. It is not just the Irish referendum, but the efforts and the changes in the world that culminated in what many of us may find hard to accept. The presistence, assiduity and relentless pursuit, that no single individual could pull this off. Yes, the success of it has a few death in it way, which makes if for a marvelous dramatised version of it but I would do it no justice if I were to sum it all up in one paragraph. I will, however, say, and in a way, reiterate, the cost, not just fiscal, but time, effort, energy and lives. And as such all this is a result of 30 years of brazenly lobbying for attention and validation. A fight, and an effort not likened to anything in the history books. I am trying to draw attention to the international co-operation, collaborating effort that can be overlooked. In January I had ho idea what this will be like. In April, walking through the forests I looked around and with strange certainty I exclaimed that 2015 will be a year to remember. Of course, I had Champagne in mind. We will not know for a few years to come and when the vintages from the most acclaimed houses reach the shop shelves we will look at them with great pleasure of the memory of something great. So in other words, the symbolism of Champagne as a celebratory drink and the acute social triumph will only add to the value of Champagne. I am crossing my fingers for a good technical spec of the harvest. I WILL WRITE MORE ABOUT THE RECENT CHAMPAGNE SOON. JUST TO SAY, IT IS ONE OF THE GREATS. PETER