Monday, 12 December 2011


I am so weak! Seriously! I am so weak I can't resist the seduction of the thought that comes to my mind when there is a bottle I have not tasted. And it is that one bit more difficult if I even dreamt about it the night before.

I bought the bottle I had been thinking of and contemplating buying since 2003 and never actually found the courage to gamble the odd £100 on it. Have I ever spend more on Champagne? Yes!

Anyway, I really buckled under the weigh of the anticipation of the experience and in the few minutes I had or at least allowed myself to justify, opening the bottle I bought this morning for Christmas dinner, there was no bang but a mere seductive sigh.

I really did not know what expect. I haD tried Dom Ruinart Rose before, and it was a stunning tipple but the standard Blanc des Blancs had been on list of the most wanted for a while; 8 years to be precise.

So I opened the bottle and smelled the cork. 1st thought = hmmm, interesting! I smelt the cork again and I was almost certain that it was not corked. But you never know. My expectations of citrus, shortbread seemed slightly validated but I did not know if the classic blanc des blancs slightly sulphurous, at times a bit overwhelmingly so, aroma would be present. The cork indicated some aspect of it but it swiftly dissipated.

Dom Ruinart is a straight Chardonnay so there as some expectations and rules to which one must adhere.

My bottle is a bit colder which is ok, as the wine will develop and will continue to do so as the wine warms up.

1st glass did not demonstrate anything overwhelmingly clear. Images of lime, shortbread and something green ran through my head. I could not quite nail the green 'stuff'.

2nd glass about 10 min minutes later and the wine has slightly opened up and strated to develop a little more with more pronounced character. I am really enforcing myself to smell lemons in it as the slightly block-like yet rounded image of the experience reminds me of Taittinger non vintage with strong freshly baked baquette-like aroma and lemon juice squeezed over it. But more to the point this is definitely ONE HELL OF A CHARDONNAY! Of course it is not Salon! It is a little more creamy. I stuck my nose in the glass after swirling it for a while and inhaled to get the most out of it.


The delicate texture of the wine danced on my tongue and I felt as though I need to chew it delicately like a jelly with a finish that begged for more. The horrible thing with these top cuvees is that one can't really get drunk that quickly!

I do have to try it again and see how my experience measures up.

In terms of complexity it fair very well, richness and body it has its substantial weight and its meaty/muscular elegance gives it a very strong seductive character. Its citrus notes slap one's face to awaken from such seduction.