Wednesday, 13 October 2010


What? 1998? The shop had on display the 99 vintage and I got the 98! I feel betrayed! 

Do you suppose I care? In a way I do. But not to such an extent that I would fly back to the shop and complain about the fact that the bottle was not what I had wanted. If there is one reason why I would fly back to the shop it is only to get another bottle. That will not happen this evening because I have got a back up in the fridge. Sadly not the same tipple but something different and by the time I would get to the shop it will have been shut.

In truth, if I were to rant about how great this wine is I would be lying. Simply because I am somewhat inert in respect of smelling anything or tasting anything which I think has something to do with my psycho-spiritual inertia which I m experiencing now (simply phrased 'I am bored'). Perhaps it will take a few more sips to achieve the contrary.

I would hate to rob you of some info though!

Comtes De Champagne is a great tipple and not always does it reveal itself in its full glory! I recall 95 being just as refined, and that was all I got as is the case with this 98. Now when I first tasted the 98, sneakily sniffing to the wine at a posh restaurant which wanted to hire me but in the end did not (for whatever reason, and I am glad they did not!) I was taken a back by roasted walnuts and limes which were just like a slap in the face! (similar to white Corton Charlemagne)

Anyway, the point is that this wine is so pure you can drink the whole bottle and don't feel any effect of the alcohol. There are several champagnes like that but Comtes dances. 

Naturally, because it is a straight chardonnay the effervescence will not be that great (I mean that the saturation of carbon dioxide will be proportionately smaller that that of any standard champagne - this is a standard practice in champagne and I think the precedence was set by Mumm's Cremant de Cramant which is a legendary tipple too). This results in a much more mellow fizz and when at the right temperature the wine just flourishes as does any more expensive Burgundy.

Straight Chardonnays from Champagne have not really been to my great liking but there are few exceptions which rule the scene light years ahead of its counter parts in Burgundy. Comtes is one of them.

About 40 min after opening the wine has warmed up and just tastes great and refined and I m about to finish the last glass and I continue to be coherent (at least so I think). 

So if you get the chance get it. If you don't have the means for it get someone to buy for you and even if that fails, just save up though if you want to get a good deal you will have to be a pretty good bitch or a dog to sniff one out. I did! But about good deals and where to find them next time!

Enjoy and YUMMMM!

p.s. my last mouthful of the glass displayed the nutty nose!

p.p.s. since I could smell something, does that indirectly imply that drinking makes me less psycho-spiritually inert (less bored)?