Wednesday, 1 July 2015


At long last! The pinnacle of Rose/pink expression by the house that invented the style. Years I had been lusting to try this but the price has always stopped me. Sacrificing £360 for a single bottle and gamble on top of that wasn't exactly my true commitment to the wine. But as it happens by random chance which is a result of many being at the right time at the right place I found a rare bottle of this marvelously prestigious wine in the middle of nowhere and at only £100. Having a general knowledge of Champagne wines I was acutely aware that the wine would be old but that did not prevent me from coughing up the money. So what was it like? Well, old. Not dead as acids were quite interestingly alive. Colour was like polished copper and the nose slightly waxy and powdery. With minor notes of coffee and caramel the wine was clearly a dead end with no future anymore. And this is always the gamble with champagne which exacerbate the thrill of buying and add to the expectation of the wine. They either exalt the experience or completely ruin it. Won't be rushing to get another one. :)