Friday, 20 July 2012

GOSSET (Vs) VILMART - well not really!

Ok! I admit! Comparisons never work!

And it is true!

I chose for my evening two companions, the long awaited Gosset's new baby, its NV Blanc de Blancs and Vilmart's Grand Cellier D'or 2006.

Yes, you're right; a non vintage along with a vintage? Perhaps a move against all reason but still I bought the two and felt it was important and even more so, interesting to run a duel tasting!

So as for Gosset: I cannot emphasise more how much I love Gosset, however the blanc de blancs isn't quite what I had hoped the cellar master would conjure but, and with Gosset there is always a 'but', I will die before I see this wine develop in a bottle or on lees. It is an impressive Chardonnay with the standard nose of one, perhaps a little more mineral but alas nothing too out of the ordinary. And the 'but': My god it will age spectacularly!

Vilmart on the other hand 'hello baby!'. Seriously, this one has a nose of a very strange character, I cannot really make up mind whether it is powdery (like some frangrances, yes odd I know) somewhat mushroomy, a little off, tad rummy, somewhat notes of milk and a little caramel, with a hint of bailyes. And after a while the nose develops slightly and a facet of a slight tinge of rose water comes in!

So if your Champagne experience gets a little too dull, then go against all one would anyway :)

and which one won? I shall save the answer for later; ask me again in 10 years!

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