Friday, 20 July 2012



When I sometimes discover wines which over the years became my favourite my usual dilemma (what am I going to drink?) is resolved.

As you know the time I spend in wine shops has no limit. Today, for instance, I could easily sleep amongst all the bottles and feel so at home there! Perhaps a wrong idea but still!

Anyway, one day before Christmas I walked into the shop and spent at least 45 minutes for all the bottles to speak to me. And when I cast my eyes on Louis BB 2003 it was set! It turned out to be more expensive but hey....

Let's get the facts right. So we know that all Louis BB regardless of vintage deliver something very interesting and showcase masterfully the character of the vintage it is released. I would refer to previous entries on BB by Louis and also review the article about 2003 by Bollinger.

To sum up, 2003 was impressive vintage and an interesting one too, but why did I find Bollinger's 2003 and Louis very similar?


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