Saturday, 24 June 2017


What would life be without regrets?

A few years ago, I wrote an article about investing in Champagne wines. Although, I still maintain the view I did a random search and noticed that a bottle of Salon 1996 (another fantastic vintage) now fares at nearly £1000.00 and given that I had bought a case of 1995 at £80 a bottle the price astonished me. At the time when I got the 95, 96 had not been yet released. Of course, I drank the case because the wine was sensational but I have become riddled with regret realising that, in theory, I could have made a chunky return on the wine; add to it a few more cases and my return would amplify, albeit not linearly but it would. And who knows how much the wines will cost in the next few years or another decade.

In order to achieve that a few things need to happen. One of the most obvious one would be finding a buyer for it and the next, perhaps not so obvious, good storage. Finding a good buyer is the biggest mission because there aren't as many Champagne lovers as one might think, but I am hopeful that the trend has been changing and it will continue to change.

Oh well, to believe that the list of my regrets won't expand in the future would be a futile mission.

Think, drink and believe Champagne!

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