Monday, 25 July 2016


It is always difficult to find a decent shop that consistently provides the same range at a reasonable price.

I have lived in a few places but I can only vouch for a handful of shops that have the best selection for the best price and consistently.

Here is the list of wine shops that meet my criteria:

1. Vinmonopolet (Vika) - Oslo, Norway - in all honesty this is ultimately the best shop with the best prices and best selection and even the staff occassionally know what they are talking about.

2. The Vintage House (Soho) - London, United Kingdom - this is my favourite shop which almost always has something interesting on the shelves and all are very well priced.

3. Celtic Whiskey Shop - Dublin, ROI - an unlikely place to find a good wine shop but for 10 years this place has provided with a very good selection with very good pricing.

4. The Newport Bottler - Newport Beach, Sydney, Australia - almost as good The Vintage House in Soho, but still great selection with some very rare and very interesting vintages.

5. Clontarf Bottle Shop - Clontarf, Sydney, Australia - the greatest thing about this shop is that you can drive inside pick up a bottle and drive off. The selection is very good but not extremely extensive but still very well priced.

There are so many wine shops I have been to, and so many I have frequented but these 5 genuinely stand out.

So wherever you might be, I am sure you will, of course I shall, find a bottle of something for the next, International Champagne Day.

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