Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Veuve 2004

I have to borrow words from Richard Juhlin to start raving about this tipple. Though the loan is not in relation to the same wine, nor the same vintage let alone the same house but they are still the best. 'I am always curious what this house releases'; still paraphrased and in essence not really a Juhlin's phrase but the train of thought originate there.

I have raved about Veuve's vintages before but this one was nothing short of a miracle. Strangely, my brother and a friend of mine could not disagree more! Neither of liked it while I had my nose stuck in glass inhaling the aromas or real caramel and cream. A little unusual for Veuve vintage, but then every vintage is different.

This was my first encounter with 2004 and I was impressed just as I was impressed with Bollinger's La Grande Annee.


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